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Game operation rhythm:
Launching the Beta game testing in May. Cooperation with game guilds and community leaders to give whitelists. Press Release on Coindesk.
June – July. The games will be officially started. Cooperation with KOL. Holding AMA (Western + South East Asia). Launching the sales of NFT mystery boxes in batches according to the market condition and NFT synthesis. Increase the MMC application scenarios in games.
June – August. Explosive PnE rewards period. Active users reach 5000+.
August – October, stable PnE rewards period. World Cup Sports games will be added. Holding AMA activities. In-depth analysis from all angles around the world. User retention events will be upgraded; daily sign-in rewards, and strategically utilizing free gold coins to earn rewards. Launching the governance token, MMC. Active users reach 10000+.
November – December, MMG tokens will be almost fully burned. Both MMG and MMC tokens will rise. We will acquire users from Web2 Facebook. Also, we will register game companies in legal countries and launch on iOS App store and Google Play Store.
Last modified 1yr ago