๐Ÿ‘ฃVision & Value

In the future, with the increase of players and funds, MMG will not only be a high-quality game product, but also a game distribution platform, virtual product trading market, free social market, and content dissemination platform.The value of MMG will be defined according to the value it realizes in the Internet, the real economy, and social productivity.


The MMG project team will not use the playersโ€™ NFT investment as a way to earn profits, and we have no conflict with players. The current playerโ€™s income is the customer acquisition cost that we release with investment funds and our own finances.

We will launch more casual and entertaining mini games in the future. Players can either participate more in games to earn more rewards or participate less in games to earn back the principal. When there is enough user data, we will lead users to obtain additional fund pools.

We will continue to create value belonging to the game itself with users. In addition, our operating channels are not limited to block chain users. We will cooperate with large mobile terminal operators and large game companies to target global users. The game itself will be profitable, please stay tuned.

Road map


- Through global marketing campaigns, viral marketing, YouTube influencer, game guild cooperation, NFT lending and leasing platform cooperation, and international community cold start, the total scale has reached 200k+. (Accomplished)

- Launching NFT staking on DApp. There are thousands of users participating in staking, 90% of them have chosen to stake for 365 days. (Accomplished)


- Upgrading the official website and creating basic visuals of the game.

- Launching the first version of the game and beta testing.

- Strategic investment. Launching the pre-sales of NFT mystery box and listing the governance token IEO through the cooperation with tier1 exchanges.

- Relevant progress and analysis from top blockchain media and segmented media projects in the game industry.

- Through the application scenario design of governance token, a high proportion of token burn, and the burning mechanism, the early wealth effect and high NFT turnover rate are realized. Mini-games further improve user retention rate, hitting 10,000+ online users on average.

- Mini games improve user retention, reaching over ten thousand online users on average.


- The evolution of MMG games into a game distribution platform. At that time, the team will select high-quality games based on the indicators. The settled third-party games have to purchase a certain amount of MMC tokens as a deposit. The game charging rules remain unchanged, and repurchase of MMC tokens to earn revenue.

- Introduce the concept of SocialFi, build the SocialFi platform, and make NFT a ticket. Users can independently share videos, entertainment, culture, knowledge, music and other content, and get SocialFi rewards and user rewards. Earn rewards by studying knowledge content and passing exams. Pay to learn what you think is good.

- During the World Cup, the project party will introduce the concept game of World Cup sports quiz and invite players to endorse.


- The MMG Foundation will complete its historical mission in stages and will evolve into a community autonomous DAO. DAO members, full-time game researchers, will select high-quality projects in early-stage. And the DAO members will vote with MMC to determine the investment direction and investment amount. The overall revenue of the project will be distributed to MMC token holders in proportion.

-The annual turnover of MMG platform reaches 20 million US dollars.

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