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Angel, Founder & CEO, Game Operations & Strategic Partnerships.

Angle joined World's Top 500 gaming companies in 2016 and has a lot of experience in creative planning and design execution. After joining the top R&D team in 2019, he quickly combined the professional advantages of the team to conduct in-depth research and development, and provided professional support for projects in IP construction, narrative design, film and television expression, and conceptual design. Among them, the DFM-IP content framework, character design, multiplayer PVE plot design, Cutscene design and other work were deeply promoted. In the project, he sorted out IP assets, provided in-depth content design support in character design and narrative framework, and provided an effective design basis for the art and planning team. In terms of management, Angle actively participates in the construction of art and service systems, and has made outstanding contributions in echelon training, knowledge accumulation and industry influence construction.

Daniel, Co-founder, Game Technology and R&D.

Daniel worked as a senior chief programmer in World's Top 500 gaming companies, and led the game R&D team, and has mature game R&D experience and publishing and operation capabilities. The web2 games with the same theme developed in 2018 have annual net profits of around 100 million Yuan after their launch.

Jack, Head of global marketing, Public Relation, and Community Growth.

Jack joined Htoo Group of Companies as a marketing manager in 2011. Then joined Asia World Company as a marketing director in 2014, he transferred to the subsidiary of Asia World Company in Singapore, and led the marketing team. He entered the blockchain industry in early 2022, he has extensive experience in marketing and blockchain community building and user growth strategy. He currently leads MMG's global marketing, PR and community growth team.

Mukesh Prasad, Australian Marketing Director + Technical Director

Dr Mukesh Prasad is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at UTS who has made substantial contributions to the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

Mukeshโ€™s research interests also include big data, computer vision, brain computer interface, and evolutionary computation.

He is working also in the evolving and increasingly important field of image processing, data analytics and edge computing, which promise to pave the way for the evolution of new applications and services in the areas of healthcare, biomedical, agriculture, smart cities, education, marketing and finance.

His research has appeared in numerous prestigious journals, including IEEE/ACM Transactions, and at conferences, and he has written more than 120 research papers.

Mukesh started his academic career as a lecturer with UTS in 2017 and became a core member of the Universityโ€™s world-leading Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), which has a vision to develop theoretical foundations and advanced technologies for AI and to drive progress in related areas.

His research is backed by industry experience, specifically in Taiwan, where he was the principal engineer (2016-17) at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). There, he developed new algorithms for image processing and pattern recognition using machine learning techniques.

He was also a postdoctoral researcher leading a Big Data and computer vision team at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (2015).

Mukesh received an M.S. degree from the School of Computer and Systems Sciences at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India (2009), and a PhD from the Department of Computer Science at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan (2015).

His strong technical background and global vision will surely help #MMG accelerates its global reach.

Find out more about Dr Mukesh Prasad on Linkedin and the official UTS website.

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