NFT Upgrade

Since there is a lucky mechanism in a limited fish pond (fund pool), players need to hold more Cannon NFTs or higher levels of Cannon NFTs if they want to earn more rewards.
There are two options for obtaining Cannon NFT; either from a mystery box or synthesis.
First batch of mystery box sale sales is 10,000 pieces with the unit price of 16,667 MMG tokens. 90% of MMG tokens from the sales will be burned. Different star levels of NFTs can be obtained from a mystery box; however, getting 1-star NFT has a higher probability.
On the other hand, synthesizing two same star level NFTs to a higher one requires a certain amount of MMC. For example, a new 2-star NFT can be obtained from synthesizing two pieces of star-1 NFTs with 240 MMC tokens, and the synthesis success rate is 80%. After the synthesis is successful, it requires a cold down time of 6 days. Players have to wait for six cold down days before synthesizing two 2-star NFTs to a new 3-star NFT. If the synthesis fails, MMC will be deducted but the NFTs remain unchanged.